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The game zone

13th April, 2006. 1:49 pm.(pfenixfyre)

Ok, this is it. the game of fucking awesomeness. anybody ever play worms? well this is better, on terms of customizability, interactivity, and and music.im just sayin: it rules.  10 out of 10.

 click the pic to play, TERRITORY WAR.

This is another fun game. Really Fun. 

 click the pic to UnrealFlash

give me your ratings.

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10th December, 2005. 6:36 pm.(pfenixfyre)

 http://www.freeonlinegames.com/play/1190.html                      Alias Run        


Run  around a pretty open city, dont run uot of gas, you know-everyday joyride. oh-- except there is that one thing about the hitmen that are trying to ram you into an explosive death.

Really fun, open map game, no real goal, but perfect for the times were your bored, or have a nasty need for speed.

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9th July, 2005. 10:21 am.(olives_)


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30th June, 2005. 4:00 pm.(whiteboyprodigy)

Yo, some funny flashes I found. and the boss of all shooting games.




Stair jump. really funny flash animation with music to match. reminds me of "jackass

Big Black Guy Name Ben Big Black buy named ben. haha. extremely funny flash. I need one of these!

 madness interactive.dont be fooled by the picture. once you get ahold of the controls (wich are int the game, and are customizable) this is one of the best online games EVER. pfenixfyre showed me this game a while back in real life. There ARE cheats. feel free to post them if you find them.

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29th June, 2005. 3:33 am.(pfenixfyre)

oh yeah. I forgot this one. Mad shark. controls in game. be a shark. swim eat. make a bloody mess. pretty fun!

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29th June, 2005. 2:39 am. These are the classic online games I played as a seventh grader with my freinds...(pfenixfyre)

 This is divine intervention (part 1). I dont think there will ever be a part 2. shame. It is such a great game. very bloody. you are a priest that kills zombies. controls are in game. Note: if you feel you have time, continue shooting a dead body in order to get the gory-est results. results vary from gun and victim.

Matrix bullet-time fighting. a very good one. controls are in the game. you can also customize your conrols. 1 or two players. fun either way!

 fast paced and action packed. Gunny Bunny is a great game! controls in game.




Etherena beta. an amazing game. 1 or 2 players. controls on game. this also has the customizable controls feature. great music. great gameplay. I recommend the city level.

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28th June, 2005. 1:20 pm.(pfenixfyre)

Killer Cheeto This is the first update. I will be working on the community and stuff like that. this game is called "killer cheeto" it is most amusing. controls are in the game.

note: the minigun you need to hold dow the shoot button in order to shoot with it.

Current mood: curious.

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