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These are the classic online games I played as a seventh grader with my freinds...

 This is divine intervention (part 1). I dont think there will ever be a part 2. shame. It is such a great game. very bloody. you are a priest that kills zombies. controls are in game. Note: if you feel you have time, continue shooting a dead body in order to get the gory-est results. results vary from gun and victim.

Matrix bullet-time fighting. a very good one. controls are in the game. you can also customize your conrols. 1 or two players. fun either way!

 fast paced and action packed. Gunny Bunny is a great game! controls in game.




Etherena beta. an amazing game. 1 or 2 players. controls on game. this also has the customizable controls feature. great music. great gameplay. I recommend the city level.

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for some reason the divine intervention link did not work. here it is again.